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Cool iPort Docking Station

We reached some important milestones this week. The A/C is on, big deal in this 98 degree Texas heat! I finished all the cabinets as well as installed the granite slab countertops. I get the pre-bullnosed 8’ slabs fabricated in China and cut the dog-ears myself to seam them. This is the best way to go for rehabbers because it’s very cost effective and highly desirable for resale. We wanted to go dark to give some contrast to the white cabinets so I picked Uba Tuba green. I dropped in a farmhouse style kitchen sink that’s very popular right now and furthermore mimics the original kitchen but in an updated version. All the light fixtures and ceiling fans are up now and we are waiting for both the electrical and HVAC final inspections this week.

We broke out the big guns this week and unleashed our secret weapon – it’s an iPort in-wall dock for your iPod or iPhone. Flush-mounted in the wall just inside the front door, this device allows you to play your favorite music through the whole house surround sound system. You can also send images directly to your flat screen TV. My pre-wire included HDMI and an 110v outlet above the fireplace for easy TV installation. The iPort is connected using a cat5 wire from the dock location to your media center (on this house I selected a closet). You can also dock your iPhone, as it will charge either device. Studies have shown that buyers today are looking for smart wiring and tech goodies. This neighborhood attracts young, hip first time buyers so chances are good that they will be iPod savvy. I felt the minimal cost of $200 for adding this cool feature was a good investment for this house.

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  2. By Ian on Nov 28, 2012 | Reply

    Great idea. Building my house starting in Jan 13 and doing all of the home theater installation myself.

  3. By Tom on Nov 28, 2012 | Reply

    This was 4 years ago, there are some better ones available now I am sure. This is when I Phones first came out, the buyer loved it.

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