The Probate House

This house was a Probate Sale that I got for $375k. The owner wouldn’t let anyone in to see it so many San Diego investors hesitated. I gained access after dressing in my dirtiest jeans, showing up and buying him beer and cigarettes. In the state of California, Probate Sales usually need to get approved by the court.  I was really nervous that someone was going to show up to the courthouse and outbid me since I got such a deal on it. It was a drug house with surveillance cameras and hidden compartments cut into the walls. We pulled out drug paraphernalia boxes hung down into the walls by string. The house had missing windows and drywall throughout. Rats went running across our feet when we demo’ed the kitchen cabinets.  I removed 6 dumpsters of debris before the house demo even began. This was a total re-do from the studs out. It took me 4 months to complete while still holding down my 9-5 job.  A lot of late nights and busy weekends. After 35 days on the market this house sold for 500K, full price.

Before and After Video

Probate House Before Front
Probate House After Front
Probate House Before Living Room
Probate House After Living Room
Probate House Before Kitchen
Probate House After Kitchen
Probate House Before Side Yard
Probate House After Side Yard
Probate House Before Backyard
Probate House After Backyard