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South Park Second Floor

We moved into second floor framing on my South Park new construction house this week, it was way faster than the first floor even though there are more walls. We are up pretty high now but still within the 30′ height limits from the City. It only took a day and a half to frame everything on the second story, although there is still a lot of pick up carpentry work to be done everywhere and we still need to do the stairs.

This is the upstairs shared bathroom front corner of the house. You can see below the 3 small windows facing the street, this is one of the neat and unique features on this house, we framed a second 2×4 wall inside the 2×6 exterior wall for the windows to facilitate the window recess as seen in the architectural rendering.

The roof trusses come on Tuesday from Ramona Lumber Company, we’ve slowed down a bit because I was told it would only take 3 days to get the trusses from the date ordered but it ended up taking 6. Its key to remeasure the actual second floor before you order trusses as things can change by a few inches and the trusses have to rest perfectly on these second floor walls. My goal is to put the roof on this weekend, we’ll see. Mechanicals can start now, I always do plumbing first then HVAC and electrical. The fire sprinklers will be the last to go in before rough inspection. Windows are arriving around the 28th.

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  2. By Raul on Aug 24, 2012 | Reply

    Hey Tom,
    I’m a big fan of your work, I do flips here in El Paso Tx, and I also never get tired of seeing the big flip in San Antonio Video, but…. on this last time I saw it, I saw a comment of yours saying that the granite is from China… Can you give me an especific Name or web page where I can order this granite at that price???? (10/sqft)…..

    Thanks for your time and Congrats on this new project South Park… Im following every step on your blog…

  3. By Tom on Aug 24, 2012 | Reply

    Hi Raul, thanks for following our work. You can find the “prefabricated” or “pre-bullnosed” granite slab in every major city now. Its still good quality granite slabs that are first sent to china to get cut down into 8 foot length slabs and bull-nosed because the labor is cheaper there, then they send the slabs to USA. Call around to tile shops and granite installers and you will eventually find the place. I know Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio have them so I’m sure you can find them in El Paso too. Take care.

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