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Plumbing Passed, Pendings Up

We passed plumbing rough-in and top out inspections this week at Target House and have now got started on the electrical. My electrician is getting a slow start so I am kind of disappointed but its par for the course here in Land of Manana, especially when you are getting great prices. I am going to stay on his ass all week and try for an inspection Friday. On the exterior I am completely done with all the siding and window trims on the new portion of the house and have started working my way forward replacing various sections on the original siding where I moved windows or there was damage. There will be alot of changes once I get up front rebuilding the porch, porte cochere and columns so that’s exciting. On the new back porch ceiling I used authentic 1×4 tongue and groove bead board, sweet!

The San Antonio housing market certainly showed signs of Tax Credit fever while everyone scrambled last week for the handout. I’ve been tracking the Pending sales and as you can see they rose by about 100 houses for each week in April all the way up until the cut off of Friday. It will be interesting to see 2 things from here, if the Pending sale growth continues and how many pendings actually close and turn into solds. The San Antonio Spring buying season typically is just now heating up, we’ll see how bad the tax credit affected future demand shortly. There are currently 11,455 homes for sale, down from 11,697 last weekend.

Week                          # Pendings

Mar 29-April4                    246

April 5-April 11                 363

April 12-April 18               430

April 19-April 25              456

April 26-May 2                  556

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  2. By mike polzin on May 5, 2010 | Reply

    hey tom.
    why doesnt the horizontal lines match at the corner for the siding on this picture?

  3. By Tom on May 6, 2010 | Reply

    The new replica siding isnt exactly the same as the old siding from the 1920’s. It’s a little shorter and thinner. If you look closely I had to stack it loosely and shim it out to make it blend better on the patches. I obviously wanted my new addition to be tight so as with all siding you start from the bottom and work up. Even if you started matching the old house, after 3-4 courses you’d be off due to the small difference in material. There was really no way to make it match the original house but now that the fat 1X6 trim is on the corners it’s a non issue in my opinion. Good eye and great question!

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