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Puttin’ Pests To Rest

We have now passed all rough-in inspections for the Target House. Tomorrow I’ve called for the next inspection which is for the framing. This inspection is on the whole house permit that the owner or GC pulls. When inspecting framing they look for placement and relationship to all the trades’ fixtures as well as other items like foaming the windows and fire blocking the holes from the electrical wires. Once I pass framing  I’ll be free to hang the insulation this week. Only after the City then inspects the insulation job can I hang the drywall. I’ll order it for a late week delivery and we’ll start hanging right after the insulation inspection.

Today I had the whole house sprayed for wood destroying insects (termites). This is the perfect opportunity to spray as the walls are all opened up. I don’t know any other rehabbers doing this, it’s a little more expensive but worth its weight in gold to the future homeowners and the life of this killer old house. The residue stays in the walls for up to 10 years and also kills roaches and other bugs who normally use those highways to enter your house. These old historic homes have tongue and groove wood all over the walls and ceilings so it’s a party if termites get in. I’ve heard of some people sprinkling seven dust in the wall cavities before drywalling but as you can see in the video we soaked everything to the hilt.

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  2. By Blake on Jun 17, 2010 | Reply

    Thank you for posting your work and producing this site.

    You are an inspiration. I thrive on doing this type of work and consider it my favorite hobby. I’ve tackled smaller home and apartment type renovations and try to do all the work myself (electrical, plumbing, concrete, etc) everything but HVAC and drywall.

    I’m a 21 year old graduating from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana next year and I hope to live in a house while I flip it. I grew up doing construction and agriculture work in my family’s owned business with over a hundred employees. I will return to this business upon graduation and will have a full time job. So any work I did flipping would be an evening/moonlight project. I would then just stage it with my own furniture stuff and move on to a second house and repeat the process once the first one sells.

    Finding your site has further helped me envision this dream and future process. Thanks for the investing tips and all the knowledge, expertise, and passion you have poured out into your blog. You are truly a seasoned veteran in the flipping world.

    Would you ever have a need for a young, somewhat skilled, extremely hard working, attention to details type apprentice for a couple weeks over my winter break? College students are always working at internships and I would love to intern in something I truly get excited about and plan to do later in life. I wouldn’t even need serious pay or compensation; I would simply be honored to observe and work alongside someone with the same passion and career I hope to partake in someday here in Indiana.
    I am an econ student and understand the numbers side of flipping houses. I also understand basic construction and commercial building, but I have never been a part of building or renovating “normal” houses, and this is what excites me most.
    I understand if you aren’t interesting in a random kid from Indiana working for you for next to nothing, it is a pretty strange request.
    Either way, thanks for your time and please keep up with the site, it’s like a free subscription to an awesome magazine.

  3. By ninja 650 lady on Jul 20, 2010 | Reply

    When you order frogs legs at a restuarant what do they do with the rest of the frog ? – Well surely they just throw the rest of the frog away and take it to the tip.

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