Estate Sale Companies in San Diego 2019

The Best Estate Sale Company List for San Diego

Finding the right Estate Sale company to work with is the first step. San Diego has 10 good companies that we recommend. Here are the first steps to take after you inherit a San Diego home:

1. Get all the utilities switched into your name.

2. Make sure you have a homeowners insurance policy in place that covers fire, damage and personal injury in case somebody falls down during your sale and tries to sue the Estate.

3. Visit the property to collect all the valuable personal property. Maybe the family wants to keep some items before the estate sale and memorialize their memories . Other things can be donated to local charities like Father Joe’s Village and Am Vets.

4. Contact the Estate Sale companies to see which one suits you best. Some are better suited for expensive items and others offer help with scheduling pick up of donated items.

Things to consider

Some things to consider when hiring an estate sale company to handle your family sale would be how to price the items for the sale and how much to ask for them. It is a good idea to get an appraisal first of expensive items like antiques. Getting appraised value will likely not happen though. Estate sales are really like organized garage sales but some visitors recognize value and will pay for it. These professional estate sale companies bring in staff to watch everyone and all items are clearly priced ahead of time so there is no confusion the day of the sale. They do not allow pre-sales or early birds to keep it fair.

Pricing your items

Most of the good companies will price everything with stickers for a few days before the sale but some Items are too large for inside the house. These other items that can include tools in the garage, lawn equipment, dishes and kitchen items and clothes. Jewelry to be sold should be located on a table up front for the Estate Sale staff to keep an eye on. Some estate sale companies will list items on E Bay for you as well.

After the sale

Estate sale companies will donate leftover items to charities after the sale. They will also have a hauling company pick up the rest so that your inherited home is left clean and empty. Some of the best estate sale companies will even bring in a maid to clean up after the sale.


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Here is Our List of the Top 10 Estate Sale Companies in San Diego

1. San Diego Estate Sales

(619) 972-7788

2. Integerity First

(760) 688-6822

3. Americana Estate Sales SD

(619) 379-3620

4. San Diego Liquidation and Estate Sale Services

(619) 316-3857

5. Graysons Elite

(949) 838-7703

6. Cal Estate Sales

(619) 326-9690

7. Mattson Company

(619) 284-2929

8. Estate Sales by Lisa

(858) 722-7745

9. Chartwell Estate Sales

(858) 335-3250

10. Betancourt Estate Services

(858) 204-1182





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