“I recently became aquainted with Tom Tarrant when a family friend decided he wanted to (quickly) sell his home and property after his wife died.

Our friend informed us of his meeting with Tom and several other prospective short sell type buyers. Being a concerned friend in an age where older people are taken advantage of, we checked Tom and his company out, and then called him. He returned my call and I had several conversations over the next few days with him. Our friend liked Tom from the start and said he really wanted to work with him. Tom shared his business plan and procedures if he were to buy the house. He provided all of the business and banking information and contacts of who would be handling the transactions.

Tom was very business like and professional in the process, but even more he was kind and understanding of our friend and his situation. Tom was not pushy in any way, and offered things that were to our friends benefit throughout the process.

I find Tom Tarrant and Green Button Homes to be a professional and quality business run by a man of integrity and character”


E. Lewis La Mesa



“Recently I had the pleasure of working with Tom Tarrant of Green Button Homes LLC in San Diego. Tom was an efficient and detail oriented businessperson who treated those he worked with fairly and with respect.  I would be happy to work with him again in the future.”


Steven Haskins, Real Estate Attorney and Licensed Real Estate Broker

“I inherited a 1950’s era tract home which I rented out for a few years. The time came when I needed to cash-out the considerable equity I had in the property. The property had been maintained but never really updated. The property needed extensive and expensive work to bring it to a marketable condition. The prospect of renovating and then selling was overwhelming. After investigating the matter extensively, I decided to sell to Tom Tarrant of Green Button Homes. The process was easy and fast and I felt I received a very fair price for the house in as-is condition. It was a real pleasure to work with Tom during this process”

Brad N. Los Angeles