House Buyers San Diego

We are house buyers in San Diego. Sell your house to the #1 House Buyer in San Diego. If you are faced with Inheritance, Retirement, Relocation or simply want to sell a house fast then you have come to the right place.

Some people have a rental house problem, or a rental house with bad tenants. Let us handle anything in San Diego from Evictions to Code Violation houses.

Being House buyers here in San Diego there are many ways we can help you. We purchase houses just as they are and without banks involved.  Privacy is our main concern, if you submit your property we will not give your information to anyone. Our policy is to be courteous and make a fair offer when we purchase your home. We will visit your house for a look and make you a fair cash offer within 24 hours.

We Can Help

San Diego has a lot of house buyers but we are the most experienced with 15 years in the business.  If we buy your house you will not have to pay real estate agents, closing costs or do anything to the home before the sale. If there is a lot of stuff in the property it doesn’t matter.

We can donate things and take it with the contents. Just know that we are not Realtors looking for a listing but Licensed CA General Contractors who will fix and remodel the home. Lic#989348. Get Offer Now (619) 438-0234.


Late On Payments?  Want Fast Cash?   Need To Sell Fast?  Bad Tenants?

Tom Tarrant at Green Button Homes is the Trusted House Buyer in San Diego:

>You Get Cash

>No Closing Costs

>Sell House “As-Is” condition

>Close on Date of Your Choice!

If you are asking yourself “Who are House Buyers in San Diego?” or “How to Sell My House Fast in San Diego” then you are in the right spot. San Diego House Buyer Green Button Homes will pay for your property in its exact condition and without agents saving you thousands of dollars.

How Fast can you buy my house in San Diego ?

Green Button Homes will buy your house fast as you need. If you want to sell in 7 days we can do that. If you want to sell in  a few months we can make the deal now and set the closing date to coincide with your plans.  It’s not always about being a fast home buyer but arranging a sale that can be counted on. This takes all the worry out of your move. Call/text 619 438-0234

If you buy my house will I have to pay any fees?

Selling to a cash home buyer means there are no fees to pay. We cover all escrow, title and closing costs. You leave escrow with the full contract sales price amount unless you have a loan on the property or owe back taxes. Behind in property taxes? That’s fine, these will get paid from escrow at their closing. San Diego has a Tax Lien auction every year, do not be a victim and have your home foreclosed on for back taxes.

Are all House Buyers in San Diego the same?

Green Button Homes is different from most buyers of homes here in San Diego. Since we are general contractors who buy houses, we can pay more than our competition who usually hires companies to remodel their investments.

One walk through your home and we can estimate the repairs in minutes where other guys spend weeks dragging contractors through your home to figure out what they can pay. We have bought hundreds of homes in San Diego directly from folks like you. That is more transactions that most real estate agents so rest assured you are in good hands. We also use licensed escrow companies to handle the paperwork. Fill out the form or for faster service feel free and email Tom personally at or call/text (619) 438-0234.

How does it work?

Call Tom Tarrant or submit the online form. He will contact you first by phone to get some basic info. A visit to the property will be set up or in some cases we do drive-by appraisals and make an offer without going inside. The transaction is handled by a local, licensed and insured escrow company, Oakwood Escrow. You deal directly with Tom, not a National Home Buying Company. I answer the phone, personally come see your home, and make you the cash as-is offer for your San Diego house. For more information About Us, click here.


House Buyers San Diego

If you are saying to yourself  “Find House Buyers San Diego” or “Who is a Cash Home Buyer in San Diego?” please call the #1 San Diego House Buyer Company.

Family owned and operated, and Yes of course We Are Local!

Sell your San Diego house with no Agents. We remove every bit of uncertainty with your home sale. Just take what you want and leave the rest of the stuff.

I love fixer-uppers and we purchase homes quick in any condition. Ugly, Pretty, New and Old.


Let’s Get Started! (619) 438-0234