The Neighbors House

While working on the Craftsman Bungalow project “The Hat Trick House” I approached the neighbor directly next door who was an elderly lady about possibly buying her house one day so she could cash out and downsize. She called the day we were closing next door and said she was ready to sell so we struck a deal and bought “The Neighbor’s House” for $150,000.

Letting people know what you do is key in our business, this deal actually came to me. Staying with our current niche, it’s a 1920’s Craftsman style bungalow. Being given the opportunity now to have another investment property right next door to the highest sale in the whole neighborhood that we just finished will allow us to use Hat Trick as a sales comp when we are done.

This new project also was a complete gut remodel down to the studs with added square footage. It was originally a 2/1 so I added 660 s.f. of  new master bedroom, bathroom, utility room and walk in closet in order to get top price on the resale. Our biggest challenge on this project was designing the master suite room addition to wrap around a huge 100-year old pecan tree in the backyard.

As luck would have it, it’s smack dab where ideally we would have the room addition. Taking down a cool tree like this is taboo so we worked hard to design around it. This house also had a fairly new guest house in the rear that needed a face lift.

As you can see the façade of the house had no charm and was in need of some help, I made big plans for a new front porch and gable with new craftsman style square tapered columns with the help of a local architect and exposed the original historic waterfall siding that was under asbestos siding to give it the charm that everyone is looking for while keeping it historically correct.

Extensive concrete work and automatic driveway gate put this property into a class above all others in the neighborhood.

After 66 days on the market,  27 showings, 6 offers, 1 backup offer and 3 deals that fell apart this house sold for $367,500.00 to a neighbor 3 doors down. It was the highest sale to date and as planned, the appraiser used our comp next door so with the additional square footage this property had in the garage apartment he was able to justify the sales price.

Full Before & After Video

Porch and Foundation Video

Room Addition Framing Video

Land of Mañana Video

Plumbing and Windows Video

Insulation and Drywall Video

Tile and Trim Video

Final Stretch Video

Landscaping Video

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Neighbor Front After
Neighbor Kitchen Before
Neighbor Kitchen After
Neighbor Kitchen Before
Neighbor Kitchen After
Neighbor Bath Before
Neighbor Bath After
Neighbor Bath Before
Neighbor Bath After
Neighbor Back Before
Neighbor Back After