The Craigslist House

This is a classic 50’s style ranch house. I bought it off Craigslist in San Antonio for $175,000 from the original owner who was 95 years old and still driving! The deal I made included letting him come back to harvest his pecans a month later as he had been doing for 50 years.

He actually drove over one day.  My worker had his son pick up all the pecans for him because we hated to see him bending over. I was uneasy seeing him drive at that age but what can you do?

The Craigslist house for sale had this brand new green roof so we had a challenge with the exterior colors.  No colors seemed to complement the roof so we decided to just paint the whole house green as well!

That normally wouldn’t have been in our color palette but it all worked out and looked great in the end. I put in new white vinyl windows (looking back, almond would have gone better with our paint scheme), interior doors, complete kitchen, master bath, paint in and out, privacy fence, concrete rear patio and refinished the original oak hardwood floors that had been hidden under the carpet.

Additionally, I opened 2 pass-thru’s from the kitchen to the living room to give it a more updated feel. If you plan to sell a San Diego house on Craigslist please give us a call, we might buy the home from you cash.

This house actually sold in 2 days for $269,000 with multiple full price offers. This house was “green” in more ways than one!

Before and After Video

Craigslist House Before Front
Craigslist House After Front
Craigslist House Before Passthrough
Sell San Diego House
Craigslist House Before Kitchen
Craigslist House After Kitchen
Craigslist House Before Bathroom
Craigslist House After Bathroom
Craigslist House Before Patio
Craigslist House After Patio