We had a great start to the PQ remodel. After really seeing what we have here, it is evident that the home was really taken good care of but just never updated over the years. A very big shout out to the sub-contractors that worked on this house over the holidays. We had guys onsite Christmas and New Years Day. It is a real testiment to our team and management to pull off a job this big in 5 weeks. 14 different subs will come though, all in a certain order, and materials need be fed to the jobsite to be ready. We love what we do, here are some pics of the process.

We removed a Hall and Coat closet at the entryway to create a more open space. The galley kitchen was also opened up for a new layout featuring a huge island peninsula. The master bathroom had a fir down soffit that we removed. The plan is to do a sliding Barn Door and take out the wall between the vanity and toilet/shower to open it up. The whole house was retextured after removing the popcorn ceilings and patching the damaged bedroom walls the old wood paneling glue left. These 3 minor floorplan changes will drastically improve the functionality of these spaces and bring it up to todays living standards.