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Are you looking to Sell a House fast in San Diego? Maybe you have said to yourself “How to Sell My House Fast in San Diego” We are looking for more properties to buy. We always pay cash, take them as-is and pay for all the escrow and title closing costs. We are general contractors and able to do repairs less expensive than our competitors so we can pay you more for your house when selling to us!

How Fast Do We Buy?

Here is a San Diego house we bought fast last week directly from the Executor of the Estate. They inherited it from their mother, and wanted a fast sale of the house. We closed on the property in 7 days. The seller did not have to make any repairs or even clean the property. We make it easy to sell houses fast in San Diego and take out the middle men. Selling your house to us will be up to 20X faster than using realtors.

Here in San Diego it generally costs you around 10% when listing with a realtor. You will pay commissions, closing costs, escrow, title and make some repairs. Selling your house in San Diego can also take months for the deal to close. We buy houses in San Diego in just a short 7 days if needed. All the uncertainty is removed allowing you to relax and focus on your move.

How Does it Work?

When we buy houses fast there are no inspections, open houses, appraisals, or banks needing to approve the financing of the house. We are the leader in fast home sales here in San Diego, California. Our easy process gets your home sold without the headaches of a normal real estate transaction.

Green Button Homes is the #1 Fast Cash Home Buyer in San DiegoWe are not a big National Company. A local family owned business and Hundreds of San Diego homeowners have sold houses fast to us over the past few years rather face the uncertainty of Broker representation.

Who is Green Button Homes?

We are Licensed General Contractors in construction business and specialize in remodeling San Diego houses. Your house will be purchased as-is fast and with cash. Call today for a No-Obligation cash offer. We are Not Realtors looking to take a listing for your house. We are actually the buyers of your house and will close fast or slow, whatever date you need!


(619) 438-0234

Sell Your House Fast, we make the necessary repairs, and you can get on with your plans of possible moving out of San Diego like a lot of other folks tired of the high taxes. Many San Diego Homeowners are moving out of state to Arizona or Texas where the cost of living is cheaper and they can pay lower taxes.

Most of the people who say I want to Sell My House quickly to us have either inherited the properties or are leaving the state to cash out.

We buy houses quick in San Diego and this allows freedom and ease of planning to those who are moving. Lets get started with a free no-obligation quote. Get an offer on your house now. Please fill out the form on the right or simply call or text us (619) 438-0234.





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If you are searching for a “We Buy Houses” company or companies that buy houses, there is no better choice than Green Button Homes. With over 15 years experience buying homes direct from people just like you, all the uncertainties of your property sale are removed. If you decide to sell to us we pledge that we’ll buy your house in just a few days. You set the closing date and let us handle the rest. 

No matter why you are selling, We Buy Homes in San Diego Fast. If you inherited a home, going through a divorce, are in foreclosure, or maybe moving out of state we’ll buy the home. Sell Us Your House Fast in San Diego and we will help buy your property quickly in just a few days. Call/Text for a no obligation cash offer. 619 438-0234