San Diego… Short Sale City

San Diego… Short Sale City

Short Sale San Diego Yes folks, it’s definitely all about the short sales. With 1 in 6 San Diego houses underwater many homeowners are opting for strategic defaults and walking away from their properties.

The hungry agents out there are simply working the NOD (notice of default) list and finding plenty of anxious sellers who want out as their home is now only worth roughly half of their loan amount. This presents a huge opportunity for investors and home buyers willing to wait out what’s frequently a slow process.

After scouring MLS for weeks for REO’s and swimming with all the sharks out there I decided to switch gears and actually get on the phone and start networking with the short sale agents who are on the front line with all the distressed deals.

I’ve quickly come to realize that you have to make your own deals, not just look for one. Not every agent however who has a short sale listing is capable of influencing the deal, much less even closing it. There are third party professional negotiators who seem to have the process wired though. A good short sale negotiator can hammer the lender and dispute their BPO’s, even sometimes providing their own appraisals and documentation as to the value and condition of the property and build in the margin rehabbers need to make a profit.

The downside is it can take 2-6 months to close a short sale so we are filling our pipeline up with as many as possible. Knowing who these agents are and networking with them is key, once again its not what you know in this market but who you know. If you are a homeowner looking to do a short sale in San Diego, make sure both lien holders give you a “non-deficiency”, it holds you harmless for the portion of the loan amount thats been forgiven. Our short sale agent has 100% success ratio getting this and has done over 150 transactions. If you are interested in a short sale please contact me.

Calling All Contractors! Contact me if you want to be a part of our team! 

Moving here I had the long term plan of stepping away from the labor part of the rehabs and just doing design work and overseeing the contractors.  Afterall, these arent huge projects, mostly cosmetic stuff. I had given myself a 3 year window to get to that point but after arriving here its evident that this needs to be my new business model right out of the gate.

I’ll be hiring all the construction out so I can do multiple projects simultaneously so if you are a GC or know of a reliable one let me know please.  Maybe once the market picks up for move up buyers I’ll do some larger structural projects again but the money to be made now is on the entry level stuff, that only needs light rehabs.

The profits wont be as large as we were used to but with increased volume we should be able to make it up and then some. I’m super excited, our California LLC is set up now, we have over 30 offers out there and some are very close to reaching acceptance so I’m looking forward to finding solid team members on the construction side.

Also, many people are reaching out to me, new blog followers and old alike. I’m stoked to meet all of you, after the machine gets running we’ll be open to joint venturing on some deals, offering some of our overflow deals to you or even using private investment funds so contact me if you are in San Diego and want to chat about all the opportunities we are seeing with the local real estate market.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 short sale negotiationI’m not totally over the bungalow craze so fast though, I’ve got an offer on this amazing California Craftsman REO, I hope it pans out. I’m competing with conventional retail buyer offers that are higher but hopefully the lender will opt for my all cash offer instead.

I utilized my “write the offer with the listing agent” strategy on this one: ). No matter what we start buying we’ll do some fun stuff and try to set our rehabs apart from the crowd by hopefully offering a little more attention to detail and some cool design sense. I’m really making headway, once we have more deals than we know what to do with I’ll share a little more about how I figured it out.

Stay tuned and thanks for following.