Well, it’s been a crazy week. We’ve been in discussions with the producers of the most successful house flipping show ever on TV. Our regular online followers will remember another group had already contacted me earlier this year as well so this makes twice now and everyone is noticing our work!

As it turns out there is a brand new flip show in the works for next year with a familiar format. They are picking 4 teams and will start filming 26 episodes as soon as February to document the trials and tribulations of these flip crews. We were referred by our friend Joshua Dorkin over at Biggerpockets.com after making his Top 10 Real Estate Bloggers list earlier this year.

After providing tons of info on our business I was asked to complete a detailed questionnaire and film an audition tape as well as pick my cast members who would appear regularly on the show. As you guys know we aren’t a big home buying organization, I act as the investor, contractor and realtor all in one so there’s really nobody challenging my decisions on a daily basis. 

Reality shows need drama to keep their viewers tuned in, at the end of the day I just had to pass on the whole deal because I’d be trying to create drama that really doesn’t exist . Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all smooth sailing with our house flipping business but producers need big time drama between multiple loud personalities to carry a TV show.

Take for instance our favorite show right now, Flipping Out. Flip or Flop is great too. Back in season 1 there was way more focus on the houses, materials and job site footage. This season they’ve introduced way more characters and its virtually all interpersonal interactions with dramatic side stories leaving literally nothing about the projects or flipping anymore. 

Thinking back about the first seasons of Flip This House and Property Ladder leaves us yearning for “real” flipping reality shows to return that cover more of the nuts and bolts rehabbing stuff. Maybe we’ll get approached for something with a different format that fits us better. We’re keeping lines of communication open and maybe we can be considered again and 3rd time will be a charm.

Big thanks to these producers, Josh Dorkin at Biggerpockets.com and everyone who’s noticed us and follow along with our online fans!