The last 2 weeks have been really quiet, probably due to all the fear out there. This is a perfect time to go low ball some stuff and steal something because everyone is so freaked out.

I spoke with my title agent recently and she said business hasn’t slowed down. Banks are still funding and it’s business as usual for all the people who aren’t glued to the TV or hiding under their couch waiting for the next Great Depression.

I’m sure it’s tougher out there for the people putting 0 down or trying to buy too much house, but they shouldn’t be buying anyway so it’s probably a good thing. I spoke to someone today who went down to the Ford dealer, traded in his truck and bought a brand new one.

No problem getting a loan. Where is the credit crunch in San Antonio? Maybe it’s just on Wall Street. I feel sorry for anyone who had their retirement in the stock market. In other news The Craftsman Bungalow has now been on the market for 61 days with 3 offers so far that didn’t work out.

Next weekend is the Mahncke Park Home Tour so we should get over 130 people through the house.