Yeah LT

No LaDainian tomorrow but we have another LT, Darren (Lil Tank) Sproles. “I’ve played against him and seen a lot of film, I’ve never seen anyone get a great hit on him” – Troy Polamalu.

With the incredible D of the Steelers we have our work cut out for us. The good news is the Steelers don’t run well and can’t score. With only 11 points scored against us at our last meeting, turnovers might decide the game. My prediction 28-17 Bolts. Go Chargers!

We are anxious to return to work soon on The Hat Trick House, stay tuned for regular updates once I get back over there. We want to give a special shout out to another blogger and investor named J. Scott at

He and his wife also quit their corporate jobs and moved from California to the Dirty South like we did. I love his site, he shares tons of info, tips, numbers and pics. I can’t get off it. It’s a must read! You can find J Scott in Bigger Pockets website commenting on real estate posts.