I am so proud to announce we wrapped up this incredible design and remodel of what turned out to be a very unique and one of my favorite projects.  We purchased this as a fixer upper from an out-of-state family member who inherited it through Probate. Coming into the project for my first visit, it wasn’t even clear that we had such an expansive view until I cut down all the scrub trees that had overgrown the property. The home is situated at the top of a asphalt private drive and surrounded by giant Eucalyptus trees in the foothills of Mt. Helix, San Diego County. Now offered for sale at $949,000. See more info on the Zillow listing here.
dark green paint

When we start these projects its never clear what colors or design I want to do. The freedom of picking out everything myself and not working for a homeowner is priceless and very liberating. Being up on this hill for the first few weeks of demo it became clear that I was not comfortable going for the popular white farmhouse look with black trim. It really just wouldn’t vibe with the woodsy feeling I get from nature being up on this very special .75 acre private lot surrounded by trees and overlooking El Cajon Valley.

Searching for a deep and rich exterior paint color is challenging. Back in the grey house days we found some pretty good dark grey exterior paint colors but it was time to really blend this house with its surroundings while presenting it in a modern and trendy look. It became clear I needed a deep Olive exterior paint color for this project. I settled on Sherwin Williams SW 7745 Muddled Basil. The oversaturated and rich deep olive green tone speaks for itself. I really didn’t want to overkill the black accents so we opted to only do the facia and front door in SW 6258 Tricorn Black.

Once I got the paint color up it was clear I needed a different look with regards to fencing. Since privacy was not a big concern for this property we went with a goat wire fencing to pair with the natural enviroment and not block off the views from the driveway. I am just so happy to be able to do this and take what was a blighted eyesore and create such an awesome home for someone to enjoy. Stay tuned for more remodels coming up!