Before and Afters

Before After

Modern Bungalow

Here’s our first shot at new construction. I bought this vacant lot in the popular trendy San Diego neighborhood called South Park. We’ll be building ourselves a custom 3/2.5 1900 sf 2-story Craftsman style home but with a modern twist. There will also be an attached 2 car garage. .

Mid Century Modern

We finally get a shot at a Mid Century Modern renovation. This 4 bedroom 2 bath house is in popular Bay Park, San Diego. We bought it for $365k in January, 2012. We are completely renovating it in the modern style and it will be for sale in late March 2012…read more

The Painted Lady

She’s a 1909 Folk Victorian Gingerbread. The house is located in an Urban Redevelopment neighborhood of San Diego called Grant Hill Park just 1 mile from Petco Park and Downtown, with incredible views of the Coronado Bridge and all the way to Tijuana. There are original hardwood floors under the carpet, 11 foot ceilings, and a lot of original details still intact. This is a huge project and needs just about everything a rehab could require…read more

Target House Before

The Target House

We’ve been “targeting” this house for acquisition for well over a year after finding it in a historic neighborhood very near downtown, The Pearl Brewery and the River Walk extension area. The first time I drove by it I pointed it out to my wife saying that I wanted to rehab that house one day. After sending many letters to the homeowner and leaving notes multiple times on the door it finally popped up in MLS one night….read more

Neighbor's House Before Neighbor's House After

The Neighbor’s House

While working on our previous project “The Hat Trick House” I was approached by the neighbor directly next door who was an elderly lady about possibly buying her house one day so she could cash out and downsize. She called the day we were closing next door and said she was ready to sell so we struck a deal. Letting people know what you do is key in our business, this deal actually came to me…read more

Hat Trick House Before Hat Trick House AFter

The Hat Trick House

This is the 3rd house in a row we’ve done in Mahncke Park this year. This house was vacant and owned by out-of-state heirs to an estate…another non-MLS purchase for us. After the success of our last project, The Craftsman Bungalow, we were excited to take this charming house to the next level…read more

Bungalow House Before Bungalow 2 After

Bungalow #2

The Bungalow #2 is now the third house in a row we bought through a private party (non-MLS) furthermore attesting to our rule that the best deals are had when there is little or no competition. After starting the rehab on The Craftsman Bungalow I noticed there was another vacant house 4 doors down…read more

Craftsman Bungalow Before Craftsman Bungalow After

The Craftsman Bungalow

I bought this 1920’s Craftsman bungalow from the caretaker of the original owner. She inherited the home but didn’t want it. The house had been sitting vacant for 18 years, except for 35 cats which the caretaker was being paid to feed…read more

Craigslist House Before Craigslist House After

The Craigslist House

This is a classic 50’s style ranch house. I bought it off Craigslist in San Antonio from the original owner who was 95 years old and still driving! The deal I made included letting him come back to harvest his pecans a month later as he had been doing for 50 years…read more

Granny House Before Granny House After

The Granny House

This home was a grandma house in good condition but just needed some cosmetic updating. It had great, mature landscaping but awful pink brick. I saw the potential for a quick cosmetic makeover with little expense that would result in a great house for the neighborhood standard…read more

Abandoned House Before Abandoned House After

The Abandoned House

I purchased this home through MLS in Terrell Hills, Texas. The home had been abandoned for years and I took possession with dead animals inside…read more

Buried Pool House Before Buried Pool House After

The Buried Pool House

This was a smoker house, we found oxygen tanks and inhalers all over upon taking possession. It took 3 coats of primer to get the paint to stick even after washing down the walls…read more

Probate House Before Probate House After

The Probate House

This house was a Probate Sale. The owner wouldn’t let anyone in to see it so many investors hesitated. I gained access after dressing in my dirtiest jeans, showing up and buying him beer and cigarettes…read more