Sell Code Violation House San Diego

Sell Your House with Code Violations in San Diego

Do you have Code Violation on your San Diego house? Now you can sell your code violation house without correcting the violation. The City of San Diego has a department that handles complaints from residents with regards to other peoples properties or what they call neighborhood nuisances.

If a neighbor complains on you to Code Enforcement for disabled vehicles, vacant homes, abandoned houses, un-kept lawns, illegal garage conversions, or even noise from barking dogs you will receive a citation to correct the issue.

This citation from “Neighborhood Code Compliance” is called a code violation. Do not ignore this, it will not go away. The City will eventually place a lien on your home or come to your property and charge you to correct it. The City will come cut your grass or board up your vacant property and send you a huge bill.

We buy houses with Code Violations In San Diego. You can sell your house fast to us without fixing the issue. We are general contractors and will work with the City to correct the violation and solve your problem.

Code Enforcement Department in San Diego is not someone you want to mess with. Please give us a call or fill out the web form and we will make you a fair offer for the property. The best part about selling a house with a code violation to us is there are no realtors involved so you do not pay commissions. We even cover the closing cost.

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Once a case is opened with San Diego Code Enforcement it gets assigned to staff the next business day.

They will usually show up to your property fast in a white unmarked City vehicle. The staff carry badges but just wear blue shirts and are not police officers. You do not have to let them on your property but we have experienced that they are very arrogant and have no problem walking right in if it is an abandoned home or going in your backyard.

They will even walk into your backyard, look over your fence and generally even trespass to determine if there is a violation. Cameras are used to take pictures of your property as well. At his point they will issue you a Citation by mail and post on the front door. They will usually give you a chance to correct the violation before taking legal actions. You can take steps to appeal the finding but they only give you 10 days so most property owners are not capable of reacting this fast.


But once you fail to comply with the City demands, the homeowner will be subject to:

  • Abatement – The City may direct a third party to demolish, secure or remove junk and debris. The City will recover costs.
  • Civil Penalties – May be assessed up to a daily maximum amount of $10,000 and up to a total maximum amount of $400,000.
  • Judicial Remedies – The San Diego City Attorney can file Criminal or Civil cases against the responsible party or parties. They will TAKE YOUR PROPERTY when you lose in court.


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We Buy Code Violation Homes with all issues:

✔ Disabled Vehicles

✔ Unkept Lawns

✔ Illegal Garage Conversion

✔ Abandoned House

✔ Vacant Structure

✔ Fire Damage

✔ Buidling Code Violations

✔ Unpermitted Contrstruction

✔ Public nuisance

✔ Squatters

✔Structural Defects

✔ Drug Activity Tenant