Sell Fire Damaged House San Diego

Sell Your House with Fire Damage in San Diego

Your House has Burned, Now What?

Do you have Fire Damage on your San Diego house? Now you can sell your fire damage house without rebuilding it. The City of San Diego fire department will usually provide you with an estimate of the fire damage after the fire.

One of the first things you should do is consider selling the fire damage house as-is or using the insurance money to rebuild. We will buy the fire damaged house right now and you can even keep the insurance money. Most homeowners do not want to build a new house and would rather walk away with the insurance payoff for the fire damage and then take an additional cash payoff from us for the lot.

Sell Your House As-Is to us

If the fire is not that bad you should contact a restoration company like Servepro or Servicemaster. They can evacuate all the water and secure the property. Fire restoration is all these companies do.

We buy houses with Fire Damage In San Diego. Even if the fire damage is not that extensive, the smoke damage alone will destroy your home. The fire department will also saturate the home with water which also does damage. Its better than fire but the water causes a lot of problems as well.

The fire might be gone but the danger still exists, Burned materials emit harmful fumes. Sell your fire damaged house in San Diego to us and we will take care of the rest. We buy as-is and you still get to keep the insurance company pay-off.

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The Fire will engulf your house quickly. It is devasting to try and fix the damage. Move on with your life now and sell this fire damaged house to us as-is. You keep the insurance check!

sell fire damaged house
sell house fire damage

We Buy Fire Damaged Homes in San Diego:

✔ Fire Damaged

✔ Smoke Damage

✔ Vacant

✔ Abandoned

✔ Damaged

✔ Electrical Fire

✔Kitchen Fire

✔ Roof Burned

✔ Fire Destruction

✔ Water Damage

✔Toxic Enviremont

✔¬†Burned Property