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Sell House in Probate San Diego

Are you looking to sell your house now that is in Probate in San Diego? We are the most trusted probate home buying company with 15 Years experience. Probate Court sometimes will need to approve the sale of an inherited home but you do not need to wait to sell the house that is in probate.

We Buy Houses in Probate

Homes go to Probate when someone who passes away does not have a will or did not put heirs on title or have it in a trust. If the executor of the trust needs to settle the estate with beneficiaries then Probate Court is used.  Get Offer Now (619) 438-0234

The Executor, or Petitioner as it is called in San Diego, petitions the court to settle the family estate by allowing assets to get sold. This includes real estate. You can sell the house now even if Probate has not finished. We work with Probate Attorneys here in San Diego and can help you if needed. There are only 2 judges hearing all the cases so probate court can take up to 3-4 months in San Diego.



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We have bought a lot of houses from sellers who inherited the home and did not have to go through probate. If the probate judge says you need an appraisal to sell the house, a buyer must pay 90% of the home appraisal. This is to keep it fair for all the beneficiaries who might not even be in the area, If there was a death on the property in the last 3 years it has to be disclosed on the sale and will affect the home value up to 10%. Death from natural causes is what we most commonly see although we have bought houses that had murders and suicides.

We use Oakwood Escrow in Mission Valley to handle all of our probate sale transactions. If you are out of state or do not live in San Diego, CA now, a mobile notary will come to you for the closing document signing at our cost. We would love to discuss your probate case if you need to sell a inherited house.


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Sometimes the court will appoint an Administrator to handle the sale of the property. It is not necessary to use a realtor when selling property that is in probate. If you want to sell fast and without any remodeling or home repairs we are your buyer. Beneficiaries sell straight to us because we are fair and provide them with a solid sale. Yes, we are local here in San Diego and a family owned business. If the inherited property is vacant or needs a clean out and estate sale we can help there too. San Diego Estate Sale companies work directly with us to sell all the property before escrow closes.

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Sellers Love Us: “Thank you For everything. You made a stressful situation so much easier for me. Good Luck with the house. I know you will do a great job! I would have loved to meet you face to face, but I’m content knowing that my Uncle’s house is in the hands of a truly decent person. Best of luck in all you do.”

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sell house in probate san diego

We Buy Houses in Probate

✔ vacant

✔ rented

✔ fixer upper

✔ death on property

✔ damaged

✔ needs TLC

✔ problem tenant

✔ excess debris

✔ hoarder houses

✔ 1031 Exchanges

✔ owe back taxes

✔ settle the estate