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Sell your San Diego, California House

Do you want to sell a house in San Diego, California? Maybe you inherited a home here or have a long-term rental house to sell. I am a San Diego, California contractor who buys houses cash. Selling As-Is to a Contractor for Cash is the easiest route.

A typical sale involves realtors, requests for repairs, termite clearance, loan approval and much more. Selling the house in San Diego, California can be quite a task if you are not in the area locally. We take all these steps out of the equation. 

Selling the house straight to us cuts out the middle man and makes life easier for you so you can just move on. Read on the learn how we can help you with buying your home in San Diego now.



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You deal with me personally. Not a big company or a bunch of agents. 619 438-0234

We Make the Deal

Escrow handles all the paperwork for us. You do not need to come San Diego if you are out of the area!

The Closing

We can close as fast as 7 days or whenever is convenient for your timeline.

Selling the house in San Diego, California

The house you are selling may need things fixed or might have a  bunch of personal property that needs to be moved. This is fine and we are here to help in any way we can. We offer real solutions to all of your problem and have a team of guys ready to help you.  If there are furniture items left in the home we always donate to local charities such as Father Joe’s Village here in San Diego, California.

They will take anything that can be resold or giving to families in need. The condition of the house doesn’t mater because we remodel every home we buy unless it gets kept as a rental property. Selling a tenant occupied home in San Diego is easy with us. Once we enter into an agreement and open escrow, we will help you with the proper Notice to the tenant. California mandates a 60-Day Notice to all tenants who have occupied the property more than 1 year. If the tenant is on Section 8 or (HUD), the Notice is 90 Days. With 15 years experience, we can handle all of this for you and do it everyday. Even if you just want to chat about options, give us a call.  Call or Text (619) 438-0234

In some cases we can even buy the house here is San Diego with the tenant in place. We have completed transactions by just looking at the home from the outside and not disturbing anyone and can work up our numbers based on our remodeling experience for an interior cosmetic remodel. California has strict landlord/tenant laws and “Tenants Rights” statutes so we do everything according to California legal tenancy standards.

Escrow Will Facilitate The Transaction

We have used a local escrow company for years to handle hundreds of sales for us. We use Oakwood Escrow in Mission Valley to handle all the paperwork and they are professional and very experienced with helping San Diego For Sale By Owners here in California.  One of the most convenient reasons we use them is that if you are out of the area, even out of sate, they will send closing documents to you to save you a trip to San Diego. If you live in town, they have multiple locations that you can visit to sign the closing papers. sign the documents. 

San Diego, California cash home buyers like us always make it top priority to create a win-win situation for both us as the home buyer and you as the seller. The State of California has mandatory requirements for updating a house before the sale and adding smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and strapping the water heater for earthquake safety. The even have a mandatory retrofit requirement to update the toilets and faucets to low flow for water conservation. Selling to us you can waive the responsibility of these costly government retrofits!

We have bought hundreds of homes directly from people just like you with No Real Estate Agents Involved. Please feel free and ask for our references and you will see that our sellers love the way we do business. *References available upon request

We Can Arrange Estate Sale

If by chance there was a death on the property in the last year, the State of California mandates disclosure. This will scare away some retail buyers and effectively create a discounted sale with realtors. We do not care about this and buy these homes all the time. If you need help setting up an Estate Sale in San Diego, California we can refer you to one of our partners who does and excellent job at this, They set up, price all the items, advertise and hold a 3-Day sale. You get all the proceeds minus their commission. After the sale they donate left over items and broom sweep the house. Please let me know if you need to find out “Who does estate sales in San Diego, California” and I will provide you with their details.


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Are you saying to yourself “I need to Sell a House in San Diego, California” but wondered but need information on a For Sale By Owner Sale in California and How It Works? You can sell this house quickly to companies that buy houses like us. The best part is not having to do all the paperwork that California requires for a sale with agents. A California real estate transaction with 2 agents involved requires hundreds of pages of disclosures and forms to fill out. The 2 agents commonly feud and over-negotiate which causes stress on all the parties involved. The reason San Diego homeowner sell straight to us is that we alleviate all of this and just make it very simple and fair.

Our company is Local here in San Diego, California. When selling t us you deal with just me, a friendly guy on the phone and not some big national Franchisee with multiple layers of red tape and approvals. I am a licensed General Contractor in California and will estimate the repairs in minutes where our competitors spend weeks dragging contractors through your home to get repair estimates. Only then do they know what they can pay. That’s why many times they do not end up paying what they originally write the contract for.

Get the ball rolling now!  Call/Text (619) 438-0234.

 “Thank you For everything. You made a stressful situation so much easier for me. Good Luck with the house. I know you will do a great job! I would have loved to meet you face to face, but I’m content knowing that my Uncle’s house is in the hands of a truly decent person. Best of luck in all you do.”

Below is a Before and After of a Home in San Diego, California we bought!

sell house san diego, california
sell San Diego, California house fast

Sell A San Diego California House Fast:

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✔ Code Violation

✔ Need to Sell Fast

✔ Moving

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