Everyone always asks us why we decided on moving to Texas from San Diego to invest in Real Estate. Our plan was to pick a stable city to go to and flip houses while we wait out the California price freefall and then go back to invest in more rental houses at the bottom of the next cycle.

We could have picked any state in the US but for us it was an easy choice (and not to mention I am originally from Houston). In the face of National headlines delivering nothing but grim economic news, Texas is a Lone Star shining bright, a beacon of stability, growth and prosperity.

With the projected growth around the metro areas and added commerce, jobs and real estate opportunities, there will soon be a Lone Star Boom. Let’s see why everyone is talking about Texas:

  • If Texas was a country, it would be the 10 largest in the world.
  • If Texas was a country it would be the 5th largest based on oil and gas production.
  • If Texas was a country it would have the 12th largest economy based on GDP.
  • In the last year ½ of all jobs created in US were in Texas.
  • Texas has largest population growth in US.
  • 82% of Texas population is in metro areas Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin.
  • 3 out of the top 10 largest cities in US are in Texas.
  • Texas is home to more fortune 500 companies than any other state.
  • CNBC recently rated Texas #1 state for doing business.
  • Forbes recent article picks San Antonio as #2 for “Best Bang for your Buck”.