Excuse the mess….We have been fumbling all week trying to learn WordPress after getting this template from a webguy who was suppose to dial it all in for us. Needless to say after a couple emails with no response and hours of cutting/pasting our content over here we are. I like what I see with WP so far but there’s still alot to learn and changes we hoped to incorporate into the new design that will have to wait. 

I guess 13 wasnt so lucky afterall, last week the buyer of  The Neighbors House had their inspection and hired who we heard was the “deal breaker” of all local inspectors. He pretty much scared her into pulling out so we are BOM, (back on the market). Allthough some of his items were questionable, we’ll fix the legit issues that affect the integrity of the house so we’ll be ready for the next buyer. Afterall, it is a 100 year old house so buyers looking for something brand new shouldn’t even be considering our historical area.