We are back in Clairemont to kick off 2023. We bought this property direct from the out-of-state owner saving them all the expense and hassle of using an agent. Fun fact is that in 2004 we flipped an exact model-match home on this very same street. That is over 18 years ago! Green Button Homes, the original San Diego Cash Homebuyer. They hired a local attorney to look over our paperwork, here is his Green Button Homes testimonial:

“Recently I had the pleasure of working with Tom Tarrant of Green Button Homes LLC in San Diego. Tom was an efficient and detail oriented businessperson who treated those he worked with fairly and with respect.  I would be happy to work with him again in the future.”

Steven Haskins, Real Estate Attorney and Licensed Real Estate Broker

Green Button Homes is the original “We Buy Houses” company in San Diego. In business for over 17 years, we have bought 100’s of homes hassle-free directly from sellers with no agents involved. Being a family owned small local business, we take pride in creating win-win solutions and improving the neighborhoods we love one house at a time. Receive an offer for your San Diego property.