We got our hands full with this remodel. I bought this property in Vista, CA directly from an out-of-state landlord, the tenant has been in this house for 15 years and has not paid rent in the last 2 years. We made the seller a good cash offer to buy the house considering the condition and situation, also agreeing to take over the headache with these tenants in default.

The seller was in a time crunch having identified a vacation cabin in Big Bear that they wanted to do a 1031 tax deferred exchange into. We closed in 1 week as-is and then introduced ourselves to these tenants and started the legal process of getting them relocated.

This may look overwhelming but it is essentially just a bunch of trash that needs to be cleaned up. Once we clean everything up we can start with the remodel as usual by getting styarted putting a new roof on.  If you have a house that you want to sell in San Diego, we are the most trusted local homebuyer and would love to take a look.

We buy houses “as-is” and take care of all the transaction expenses using a local escrow company. With 17 years in the house flipping business, we have more experience than anyone in town and can assure you a very easy process of selling your unwanted home. Any conditon is o.k. and we love fixer uppers!