San Diego market crash

Here’s a good one for the bubble bloggers out there. To illustrate how far the real estate market has fallen in Southern California, our Flip from 2004 seen here on our site “The Probate House” just sold as a short sale for 345k.

We bought it in Fall 2004 for 375k as an extreme fixer and sold it Spring 2005 for 500k. That’s a 31% price reduction off the ‘05 peak. It’s pretty crazy that people were paying 500k for a tiny 1000 square foot 3/1 with a 1-car garage.

You could get a mansion here in Texas for half a million. The buyer obtained a Subprime adjustable loan with 100% financing. In fact, his “creative” realtor/mortgage broker tried to overwrite the contract for 525k and take out the extra 25k at the close of escrow for himself telling his foreign national client it was part of his fee.

The poor buyers almost got stuck with it until our realtor blew the whistle on him and called the DA’s office. He was prosecuted and went to jail for pulling that scam multiple times. I wonder if they confiscated his brand new black Porsche.

Here’s what the house looks like now 4 years later and worth 31% less. At least the palm trees I planted still look good. That’s close to 35% Market Crash in San Diego!