2019 San Diego Real Estate Market

San Diego real estate inventory update 2019. I bought so many houses this summer I’m now losing track. 2019 has seen 25% more homes for sale while sales activity is 30% down! it is officially entering Buyers market territory. There’s a real shortage in San Diego of fixer uppers on the market though but since we’ve had our feelers out now for a few years and everybody knows we buy houses, we keep getting leads. This is the second off market property I picked up this year in my old stomping grounds Clairemont.

This property has a tenant who hasn’t been keeping up with the rent and the owner just decided to cash out.We structured a win-win for both parties. The seller is happy because he gets cash next week without paying any realtor fees or closing costs and can move on and not worry about the problem tenant anymore,  I’m happy because we’ll have enough room to renovate the house and sell it for a profit. It needs a complete kitchen, new bathrooms, flooring, windows, paint in and out, the whole 9 yards. Have a problem rental house in San Diego you need to sell fast? CLICK HERE!