Sell An Inherited House 

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Sell An Inherited House in San Diego

Have you inherited a house in San Diego? Maybe a loved one has passed away and left you property. You can sell the inherited house to us fast and completely as it is. 

Inheriting a home is always a great thing financially. Even if you do not want to keep the house, fix it up, and manage the tenants. There is still a great option, it is selling the house to a cash home buyer like us. We will buy the house in San Diego and make the home sale a very pleasurable experience. 

Most people don’t want to turn into an accidental landlord and inherit a fixer upper house that is just going to be problems for them. Most San Diego homes are older and require maintenance to be a good rental property. A property manager also will charge you up to 10% a month to manager it.  You do not want to get late night toilet calls.



Contact Me

You personally deal with just me. I will go look at the house the same day. 619 438-0234

We Make the Deal

Agree on a deal and the Escrow company handles the paperwork. you do not need to come to town!

You Get Cash

You get the proceeds. We can close fast or whenever is convenient after the Estate Sale.

Selling the House

So if you are considering just selling the house that you have just inherited from a family member. Why not let us make a fair offer based on its current condition? If there are family memories of a loved one in the home we can help you pack them up and ship them to you. if you need furniture donated to local charities, we work with Father Joe’s Village here in San Diego. They take all unwanted usable items from the vacant home. It is easy for us to schedule a pick with them once we are in escrow. If you live out of town we can help you with everything so you do not have to travel here and take time to deal with everything.

Our staff can handle any tasks that you need handled, we are here to help with the sale of this house and any other inheritance issues you may have. Sometimes people leave cars behind when they pass away, we will buy the car from you as well in the sale. If there are big items such as pianos to sell or other large personal items that are valuable, we can help you sell them too.

Escrow Handles Everything

Our company has been Oakwood Escrow in Mission Valley to handle the paperwork professionally and accurately.  They have done all our direct home purchases for years. Oakwood is the best escrow company here in San Diego and have multiple office locations around town. The best part about selling the inherited house to us is because we use this escrow company, they understand that a lot of sellers are out of state and will send a closing agent to your location to sign the documents. This way you do not have to even come to town. 

We know this is a sad time for your family and we offer our sincere condolences. We are here to help the estate by buying the assets fast so beneficiaries can get paid. Hundreds of homeowners in San Diego have trusted us with a direct sale with no realtors involved. *References available upon request

We Can Arrange Estate Sale

If the estate wishes to arrange an Estate Sale, we work with several Estate Sale Companies in San Diego. They will price everything, advertise the sale, and take a percentage of the proceeds. This might be an option if there are a lot of valuables. Let us know if you need help with an Estate Sale in San Diego for a house you just inherited. After the sale takes place, the estate sale company will work with us to donate the items that did not sell. Nothing goes to waste, don’t worry, 


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Have you have thought “I need to sell inherited house in San Diego” but wondered how a for sale by owner sale would work? I am here to answer any questions you may have. You want to sell this property that you just inherited quickly. Most importantly, without having to do any repairs or deal with realtors. The reason people sell straight to us is that we offer them a fair price based on condition and they in turn get the piece of mind knowing it is a solid deal.

We are Local here in San Diego, not a Nationwide Franchisee. Green Button Homes is a family owned small business with 15 years experience in purchasing homes directly from people just like you. If its not possible to get into the house, we can drive by or walk around in order to make you an offer.

Lets get started selling the property!  Sell Inherited House in San Diego (619) 438-0234.

Testimonial from Donna who sold us the Inherited house pictured below: “Thank you For everything. You made a stressful situation so much easier for me. Good Luck with the house. I know you will do a great job! I would have loved to meet you face to face, but I’m content knowing that my Uncle’s house is in the hands of a truly decent person. Best of luck in all you do.”

Donna inherited the House in Santee Pictured Below. See the Before and After:

sell inherited house san diego
sell an inherited house

Sell A San Diego Home You Inherited:

✔ it needs work

✔ death on property

✔ it’s in probate

✔ it’s vacant

✔ has roof leak

✔ want to sell quick

✔ you are out of town

✔ settle the estate

✔ pay beneficiaries

✔ memories of a loved one

✔ need help with estate sale

✔ don’t want to keep and rent