Anthony Bourdain ain’t got nothin’ on me

Anthony Bourdain ain’t got nothin’ on me

Last week we passed the mechanical, framing and insulation inspections and finally got the drywall hung Friday. Eating cactus is a big thing here in San Antonio with the Mexicans.

First the sheet rock delivery driver spotted my cactus in the yard and wanted to take some with him to eat, of course I obliged. Then when the hangers showed up Friday and also got excited about it I had to give it a try. Evidently you are supposed to boil it first and then chop it up and use it with eggs in burritos or carne asada on the grill.

Eating it raw off the plant in my backyard was quite an experience; I’d have to say it tastes like room temperature cucumber. The workers I find are quite resourceful. My roofer on another house found a wild berry plant in the alley and harvested them saying he was going to make salsa. I tried those too and they were hot as hell.

I’ve seen these berries for years on plants but always assumed they were poisonous. I want to know who the first guy was to try eating these backyard plants and find out they were ok.

The tape and float crew came in over the weekend and got started as you can see. They didn’t find anything appetizing growing in the yard. By mid week we should have it all the way to texture inside and then I can take over with the paint sprayer.

My stomach was feeling a little off today; don’t think I’ll be eating any plants out of the backyard again anytime soon.


Some Tape and Float Action

Some Tape and Float Action

drywall tape and float

We passed our electrical rough-in inspection on Tuesday.  My helper Nacho and I started right away hanging the drywall and we finished the tape and float on Friday. You can really start to see how the new kitchen is going to look and it’s exciting.

All the “old house smells” are now gone as the walls are all sealed up. Additionally, I put in a new back door on the kitchen and a new sub floor in the bath. My A/C guy is coming Tuesday to start running all the duct work and install the furnace in the attic for new central air conditioning.

I originally planned to place the compressor on the side of the house so I had the electrician run the power there, but after pulling the permit we were advised that since we are in a historic neighborhood we couldn’t have the equipment visible from the street so I decided to put it in the backyard.

Another neighbor stopped by today to tell me how happy she was to see someone finally doing something with this old house.