How time flies! It was April 28, 2008 when I made my first post in the blogging world as we were starting our renovation called “Craftsman Bungalow.” I thought it would be cool to share my adventures along the way and set up this website for friends and family to enjoy. The first website was custom made in Dreamweaver by my lovely wife but after things grew we moved our content over to a WordPress template so we could add updates easier. We didn’t go unnoticed for long however, I’m now recognized as one of the best house flipping blogs on the web, having won multiple awards and even managed to get the attention of Hollywood and New York production companies for reality show offers last year. Currently our monthly stats are 10,000 page loads and 6000 unique visitors.

Now it’s time to say Thank You to all my followers, subscribers, supporters, emailers, fans and everyone who’s inspired me along the way to keep sharing our projects. Thanks for following and here’s to blogging year #4 in San Diego!