On Monday, February 13, 2012 at 8:00 pm PST I’ll be doing a live interview on Blog Talk Radio hosted by Jim The Realtor.

Jim will be asking me tons of house flipping questions relating to how I got started, what I look for in houses to flip, how I find deals and stories about some of the huge rehab projects we’ve showed you on this site. There’s tons of great stuff that never makes it online so make sure and tune in if you want to hear Jim and I talk about my house flipping business. My regular blog readers know I love to share, so this should be pretty entertaining and educational.

Click on the Blog Talk Radio icon to listen to the show.

I’m real honored to be asked to do this interview, especially coming third up to bat after heavy hitting interviews from Rich Toscano of Piggington.com and this weeks guest Bill McBride of Calculatedrisk.com.

If there are some questions or topics you would like us to cover, please leave them here in the comment section, or over at Jim’s site www.bubbleinfo.com, or listen live and call in to the show and ask them yourself!