We just opened escrow on this San Marcos fixer upper. I originally saw this property back in October when the seller called me on a referral from another house we bought. His contractor ran off and left him with an unfinished remodel. When he found out how much it would cost to finish the job correctly and then pay a real estate agent to sell it. he opted to just sell it as-is to me. I paid cash and covered all his closing costs and the best part was this is a For Sale By Owner so there were no Realtors for him to pay.   

There were permits pulled with the city and most of the inspections completed but the contractor tried to extort more money before finishing it and everything ended up in dispute. My plan is to clean up the yard, build a fence, paint it in and out and call for Final Inspection. It already has a new kitchen and bathrooms so we will just wrap up whats already been started and not try to reinvent the wheel on this one.