sell home fast san diego

It looks like A&E finally green lighted the announcement of a new Flip This House team for 2013. It’s our friend Chief Denney here in San Diego with a new show called Flipping San Diego. Chief does really nice work, has a lot of integrity when it comes to renovating houses and furthermore is a graduate of New School of Architecture here in San Diego.

What you guys are in store for this upcoming season on Flip This House from the San Diego team will be unlike any other season in the past so its a must see for house flipping fans.

Sorry but there wont be any painting over rotten wood, shoddy lipstick rehabs, faked arguments with contractors or staged open house sales. I’m looking forward to the spotlight on the hot San Diego house flipping scene, and happy to see that it will involve someone ethical with good design sense and doing quality rehabs to show the nation how California does it! finding outdated houses and people who want to sell their home in San Diego are what we look for.

Tune into the new Flip This House season debuting July 20th on A&E. If you are saying i want to sell my home fast San Diego then give us a call.

Over the years we’ve been approached by 3 different production companies to do realty shows like Flip This House, Property Ladder, Flip or Flop and Property Brothers but never found the right “fit”, you might remember this old post