New Clairemont Project!

Walk through and check out the New Clairemont project we are starting. We are very excited to be back in one of our favorite neighborhoods! Stay tuned for more house flipping fun by Green Button Homes, San Diego’s #1 Cash As-Is Home buyer. This video lays out the scope of work for this house flip. Watch this and be a fly on the wall to see our plans and the huge job we have straightening out this mess. This illegally converted duplex will soon be the nicest home in the neighborhood. Visit our YouTube channel for more house flipping videos!

Exploring San Diego Bungalows

Here’s a great 1920’s bungalow project. It’s a bank owned REO in a highly sought after neighborhood. I missed this deal yesterday literally by hours. By the time we went to submit an offer they had just accepted another one. There’s another great investing tip back story with this house, I’ll share it after I know it’s gone for sure.